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“Life Connect Care Purchasing brings together national and local service providers to offer a one-stop-shop for our members to age in place.”
Where Life and Expertise Meet
We are the United States First Home Group Purchasing Organization that focuses on services and products for the Aging in Place population. 

LCCP is unique by focusing on you and all the needs, wants and desires of living in your own home. 

Read more below about some of our Member's stories and information shared by and about our Preferred Providers that serve you.

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Magic Kitchen Joins LCCP to Offer Homestyle Delivered Meal Choices

by Brent Toto on 11/09/14 joins Life Connect Care Purchasing GPO. Magic Kitchen is an ideal solution to having homestyle meals when you don't feel like cooking or have some difficulty doing it on your own. Special diets are available.

Become a member today of Life Connect Care Purchasing to take advantage of this and other services and products all focused on aging in place.

LCCP is proud to offer you 10% off all Magic Kitchen purchases with the promo code: LCCP.

Logicmark Freedom Alert offered for special pricing

by Brent Toto on 10/24/14

Contact us today to find out how to get 10% off the $249.95 retail price by being a member of LCCP. 

View a video today to see more about this top of the line personal emergency response system. 

LC-DME On Demand, Newest GPO member

by Brent Toto on 10/24/14

LC DME On Demand joins the GPO as an online durable medical equipment provider. 10% discount is being offered to all LCCP member's purchases.

To receive this discount at store check out, you need to be registered as a Life Connect Care Purchasing member.

Innovation Happening Now: United States First Home Group Purchasing Organization: Life Connect Care Purchasing

by Brent Toto on 10/24/14

We are very pleased to announce the formal opening of Life Connect Care Purchasing, the Nation's First Home Group Purchasing Organization focused on Aging in Place.

Whatever life has to throw at you, we have you covered, as well as providing all the perks of membership. 

Wellness and Health, Home Management and Life Enrichment cover all of the areas of your life. We have worked on your behalf to find some of the best providers across these three areas and vet their services or products. 

You now have a collective voice backed by thousands other members similar to you to advocate on your behalf, especially if something is not up to standards.

Oh, the best part is that we have worked with all of our providers to offer you special pricing, discounts and/or services that non-members cannot access on their own.

We are now on a weekly basis adding National Preferred Partners to the GPO. Also, some categories require local partners, so we are first focusing on Columbus, Ohio, but will be expanding into every major city in the United States. Please let us know if you would like your hometown to be next on our local expansion.

Join us today at now cost as a charter member!